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Go from being OK to being AMAZING!

Can you do the same, consistent and beautiful nails every time?

How's your nail structure, apex placement, form and product application, filing technique? Are you confident with all that?

If you want to be a GO-TO nail tech - you need to say YES to those questions.

If you cannot say 'yes', then it's time to change it and learn better techniques which actually make sense to you and give the results you want, right?

Watching another video on 'how to do something', will only confuse you even further, as most of the time you're getting some random info without any logical explanation of why to do it like this, not like that.

It's time to understand the facts and whys behind each technique, so that you can do any shape on any type of natural nail with EASE.


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  • Part I "Fail to prepare - prepare to fail"

    Characteristics of the three most common natural nail types

    Variety of nail shapes

    How to determine best nail shape depending on finger length and nail size

    Artificial nail structure principles

  • Part II "Master Techniques"

    Nail prep

    Nail forms – general rules

    Pinching techniques

    Filing technique

    Product application

  • Part III "8/3"

    Perfect Square shape

    Pipe shape

    Stiletto shape

    Almond shape

    Russian Almond

    Merilyn shape

    Gothic Almond shape

    Edge shape

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This book is fantastic and I have so many extra details to try on my clients and I just want to practice, practice and practice. Thank you so much. I would recommend this book to any nail tech wanting to improve their extensions.